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Serene Retreat

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Sun, Apr 11 - Tue, Apr 13
2 People, 1 Room
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Hangzhou, China


Serene Retreat

What it is

A 46-room inn and spa within a former tea-farming village less than four miles from UNESCO site West Lake.

What it isn't

Themey. Architecture at Amanfayun nods to Hangzhou history, but guests will also find thoroughly modern-day amenities (flatscreen TVs, underfloor heating, lighting-fast wifi and sound systems).

What we think

There is a reason Buddhist monks often retreat to build their monasteries in lush leafy forests—a reason that becomes abundantly clear the moment you check into Amanfayun. Tucked within a valley chockablock with ancient Chinese wonders (terraced tea fields and centuries-old temples), it’s perhaps the most relaxing place you’ll ever stay. The five pavilions that make up the spa house everything from meditation rooms that overlook Yongfu Temple to treatment rooms where you’ll be massaged with locally plucked bamboo (pre-warmed to soothe, of course). Above all, we love that activities are so thoroughly of their place: you can stroll to nearby Faxi Temple at dawn to join the monks for a chant before returning to the property to learn calligraphy with an adroit master. Just call it grace under no pressure.

You're here because

You’re admittedly snobbish about style, and every Aman is as aesthetically perfect as a Nordic art museum. Bonus: there’s a pool.

The Moment

You’ve had high tea in London, New York, Paris, and beyond, but none were as soul-soothing as this afternoon in the Tea House. Set overlooking a forest glade, as water drips sweetly into a calming pond, you find yourself growing as blissfully unwound as the white tea leaves unspooling in the cup before you.

Restaurants & Bars

The Restaurant - Western cuisine and international dishes

Steam House - Traditional fare focused on steamed dumplings and village-style dishes

Independently-owned eateries:

Hangzhou House - Local traditional dishes

Tea House - Local home-cooked cuisine

Vegetarian House - Innovative local dishes

Cigar Room

The Bar

Family activities

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Hangzhou Paradise Park

Hefang Street


In the Zheijiang Province’s capital of Hangzhou, within mere blocks of the Temple of Soul’s Retreat—built in 328 CE, it’s the oldest in the area—and Huayan Palace, home to 947 Ming dynasty stone statues of Tianguan Bodhisattva.

22 Fayun Lake, West Lake Street
Hangzhou, 310013
33, China