Samode Safari Lodge

Wild Kingdom

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Bandhavgarh, India

Samode Safari Lodge

Wild Kingdom

What it is

An ultra-pampering lodge with 12-villas in India’s jungle-swathed Bandhavgarh National Park.

What it isn't

Rustic. You don’t get voted one of the best safari lodges on the planet for nothing.

What we think

Sadly, there are only a handful of places on earth where white and bengal tigers still roam free and unfettered. Blessedly, Bandhavgarh National Park is one of them. Here, spying their languid fabulosity is the order of the day; you’ll hop in an open 4x4 at dawn to cover tracks of them and other fauna (Sloth bears! Wild boar! And 80 types of butterflies, Oh my!) over some 400-square kilometers. But you don’t have to return to anything resembling an agrarian flophouse—quite the contrary. As a member of Relais & Chateaux, Samode Safari Lodge is among the most perfectionist lodgings on the planet. Villas are artful and ornate; don’t be surprised if your bathroom sink is carved with a pair of elephants, or has a hand-painted mural adorning the walls.

You're here because

It’s reportedly among the most chosen honeymoon hotels on earth, and you personally believe romance should be an everyday affair. Bring on the bubbly and flickering firelight!

The Moment

It wasn’t entirely easy to get here—and you endured more than a few regrettable airport and airplane meals along the way. But now, sat before an elegant tablecloth set on a lofted terrace high above the jungle, as candles cast their tender glow into the sunset, you wouldn’t have it any other way. When the vindaloo and saag paneer arrives with fresh naan, you let out a happy sigh as contented as the one you heard that hoary old tiger emit in his afternoon nap.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant - Dining is an indulgent treat and a daily surprise – different menu, different venue – either indoors or alfresco.


As remote as remote gets: here, you’re a four hour drive from Jabalpur, though plenty of guests hop on transfers to Umaria Airstrip, a mere 30 minute drive from the lodge. (They’ll be happy to make arrangements).

Village Mardari, Post Dhamokhar, Tehsil Manpur, Umaria, Madhya Pradesh 484661, India
Umaria, 484661
MP, India