Turtle Inn

Coppola’s natural-beauty beachside resort.

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Placencia, Belize

Turtle Inn

Coppola’s natural-beauty beachside resort.

What it is

An idyllic boho haven on a secret Belizean beach.

What it isn't

A resort for the all-inclusive set; there aren’t waterslides nor All Access wristbands here.

What we think

On the long, narrow strip of land that runs parallel to the southern coast of Belize, 25 thatched-roof cottages are scattered along the palm-studded, golden sand. Like a bit of Bali in Belize, the beachfront bungalows have batik print hammocks, hand-carved wooden Balinese doors, and tranquility associated with the zen of Southeast Asia. There’s something unrealistically beautiful about Turtle Inn, but the magic isn’t the Hollywood kind—walking through the jungle of ferns and palms and out to the crashing waves is a beautiful moment. Admittedly, it doesn’t hurt that the scene has been framed perfectly by a legendary director. This is one of Francis Ford Coppola’s three eco-chic boutique resorts. His affinity for the authenticity of natural settings and his gravitation to places that hold powerful narratives brought him to the property in 2001. Today, the small property is peacefully humming along; it can act as a gateway to adventures in the Belize Barrier Reef and the Belizean jungle caves or it can pose as a place to simply find quiet beachside bliss. Nothing about this, nor any other property in the Coppola collection, should be rushed. There are far too many subtle details to examine, hidden alcoves to discover and meaningful moments to savor.

You're here because

You're looking for something naturally beautiful, captured and managed by artful hands. You want a hefty does of romance, authenticity and the option to explore.

The Moment

The Caribbean wind breezes into the bungalow, gently rustling the thatched-roof. From the giant bed, you see a few stray rays of light coming through the fronds of the palm tree outside. Hearing gentle waves roll onto the beach, you swing your feet over the side of the bed and shuffle out to your porch. Hands holding the bamboo railing, you sway with the wind, staring out at the moonlit water and the shining sand.

Restaurants & Bars

Mare Restaurant - Fresh seafood and traditional Italian cooking

Gauguin Grill - Features fresh, charcoal-grilled seafood

Auntie Luba's Kitchen - Authentic Belizean cuisine

Wine Cellar - Take part in a wine tasting package here

The Laughing Fish Bar - Enjoy a wide selection of drinks at this shady retreat

Skip White Bar - An ideal place to chat over a glass of wine

Kid's Gelato Bar - Superb local gelato


Turtle Inn is right at the tip of a narrow 26-mile long sandy peninsula. The Creole fishing village of Placencia is about a mile away and the largest reef in the Caribbean is right off the coast. International flights fly into Belize City where private helicopter or car transfers can be arranged.

Turtle Inn
Stann Creek

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