Pallas Athena Grecotel Boutique Hotel

Artful Goddess

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Athens, Greece

Pallas Athena Grecotel Boutique Hotel

Artful Goddess

What it is

An art-stocked, 63 room respite with top notch service.

What it isn't

Standard-issue and booooring. If you want to camp out in a chair shaped like a baseball mitt, be their guest.

What we think

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep over at an art museum, now’s your chance. Pallas Athena Grecotel Boutique Hotel is exactly that vibe: all white walls, with paintings and sculpture stunningly placed at every turn. But don’t think that means it lacks the trappings of any other ultra luxe hotel, because it doesn’t—here, you’ll find gratis wifi, loaner laptops, valet parking, and an included only-in-Greece breakfast buffet, complete with Cretan honey, dakos (meze) and mizithropitakia (tiny cheese stuffed pies). Colorful guest rooms have views of Kotzia square, lined in 19th century neoclassical buildings.

You're here because

They pull out all the stops for kids; you can even book a Family Graffiti Guestroom, where walls look like something Dr. Seuss himself would have dreamt up.

The Moment

After a day spent wandering the ancient Acropolis, you’re in lurve...but you also want to get back to the present. Which is why, when you collapse into a plush white sofa adjacent to the flickering modern fireplace, with jaw-dropping art everywhere you look, you’re so head-over-heels for this lobby. That, and the wifi.

Restaurants & Bars

- Grecotel Pallas Athena Dining Room & Bar - Brimming with sumptuous interpretations of the flavors of Greece to serve up traditional comfort food with an international touch

- Oriental Menu - Taste skillfully rolled sushi flavors using the freshest catch of the day pair with your favorite cocktail inspired by Asian culture


Smack dab in the middle of Athens, two blocks from Central Athens Market, one from the ancient Aharnean gates and one from the Statue of Pericles, who lived here in 427 BC. Basically: old stuff.

65 Athinas & Lycourgou street
Athina, 105 51
I, Greece

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