A Luxury Collection Resort

A stylish and classic Greek boutique, removed from the tangled buzz.

Santorini, Greece


A Luxury Collection Resort

What it is

Surrounded by emerald vineyards, it’s a secluded Cycladic-styled classic.

What it isn't

In town. Nestled in the heart of the medieval village of Megalohori, the resort offers a shuttle service to bring guests to and from Fira and the beach. If guests are interested in dining off the property, there are restaurants within walking distance!

What we think

Formerly a winery, the small all-suite property boasts Cycladic architecture and exclusive artwork, each suite privy to expansive views of the hillside and the distant sea. The villas are clustered as if this was one of the ageless Santorini towns. Inside the whitewashed stone and volcanic cement bungalows, the rooms are bright, classic Greek Isle white, their wooden window frames painted the same sapphire as country’s flag. The suites are all tucked away, but four times a day, the resort runs a shuttle (roughly ten minutes) down to its private stretch on the black sand beach. Guests are also welcome to enjoy the beach club and restaurant at Vedema's sister property, Istoria, which is located on the renowned Perivolos Beach. The same shuttle that runs to the beach continues to the local town of Fira - if guests wish to explore. Those that have mobility restraints should note that within the resort, steps and cobblestone paths are the only connectors between the suites, the main pool and the resort's restaurants. Speaking of the dining options, the gem of the property is Alati. Alati sits inside of a 400-year old catacomb, which has been renovated and turned into a wine cellar that guests can enter for candlelit Mediterranean dinners or, if they choose, they can dine on the restaurants upper terrace where a sweeping Greek sunset will inevitably give way to dinner under a sea of stars.

You're here because

Tucked away from the rest of town, there's really no reason to leave the resort. Vedema is secluded and stylish all while fulfilling the expectations of Santorini at its most luxe.

The Moment

Thankful that your luggage was whisked away before you, you climb the last stair and enter your suite. The cobblestones give way to the marble entry: immaculate whitewashed walls gleam, the accenting color makes the room feel like home, condensation sparkles on the bottle of wine chilling beside ceramic bowl of fresh fruit, but your attention is stolen by the window. Bougainvillea, growing on the outside of the sapphire frame, sways in the wind, its bright petals dancing on the edges of a seemingly endless view. All of Santorini is laid out below you, the craggy cliffs dotted with sugar cube houses, the Aegean sparkling in the distance.

Restaurants & Bars

Alati Restaurant - An innovative seafood experience served in a 400 year old winery or open-air patio

Pergola - Casual fare, traditional Greek, Poolside

Pool Bar - Light cuisine

Canava Wine Bar


On the southern end of the island, the resorts is tucked away from the coast (thus lacking the views of the caldera)

Santorini, 847 00
L, Greece

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