Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

Natural Beauty

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Algarve, Portugal

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

Natural Beauty

What it is

A stylish 65-room hideaway where a thick pine forest meets the sea.

What it isn't

Too modern to be comfortable. In this Design Hotel, plush sofas, cozy rugs and soft curtains abound (and yeah, there’s AC).

What we think

Stylish europeans have long jetted to the Algarve for myriad reasons, chief among them: ever-present sunshine and, therefore, a consistently warm sea. But Praia Verde has them booking trips here even more frequently, thanks to a curated collection of seasonal activities that’s a boon for today’s “you plan it!” generation. A few of the latest exploits (which are, by the way, entirely free for guests): strolling a seafront lighthouse, boating the Guadiana River, hiking the marshes of Sapal Natural Reserve, and learning how to make note-perfect cocktails and cake with their on-staff experts.

You're here because

You like to hit the local grocery store on vacation to truly live like a local, and love that the suites here are tricked out with kitchenettes. Wonder how many arroz doces (rice puddings) and flans you can fit in your fridge?

The Moment

Chef David Domingues at A TERRA, their cooked-by-fire on-site restaurant, is well versed in a caveman’s primal needs. Which is why dishes like the dry-aged steak and local octopus fried in cornflour satisfy you so deeply. This being Portugal, the list of port wine is even more lengthy than the coffee options; after you order a 30-year aged Blackett, you feel 30 years float off your life.

Restaurants & Bars

Algarve - Tradition cuisine.


A nearly three hour drive southeast of Lisbon, but a quick walk from the soft white sand of Praia Verde beach.

Praia Verde, Rua de Real Village
Castro Marim, 8950-434
08, Portugal