Pousada de Lisboa

Ancient Splendor

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Lisbon, Portugal

Pousada de Lisboa

Ancient Splendor

What it is

A centuries-old boutique hotel on the Tagus river.

What it isn't

The Shining goes to Portugal. The property’s been entirely revamped for modern living, down to the flat screen LCD TV’s and glass wall partitions.

What we think

Once the headquarters of Portugal’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Pousada de Lisboa is now a go-to getaway of the glitterati, thanks to its hidden domed courtyard and ever-blissful sauna, ideal when cold winds whip down from the Sintra mountains. Despite historic environs, rooms contain all latter-day thrills, from loaner mobile phones to gratis wifi and—sometimes hard to find in this town—air conditioning. Modernist, wood-floored rooms are brimming with natural light; ask for one with a view of the neoclassical Lisbon City Hall.

You're here because

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool—rare in Lisbon—and you fancy yourself a clean living Michael Phelps.

The Moment

You couldn’t have found a better dinner spot than Casa do Leao, the hotel’s restaurant overlooking the Tagus river and Lisbon’s boundless terracotta rooftops; when you tuck into your pumpkin risotto with wild arugula and roasted hazelnut, you decide to come back again tomorrow.

Restaurants & Bars

Lisboeta - Portuguese signature cuisine with an emphasis on raw ingredients of regional origin, created by super-chef Tiago Bonito, elected Chef of the Year in 2011.


On Portugal’s iconic Praça do Comércio plaza, built in 1755 directly on the riverbank.

Praça do Comércio, 31-34
Lisbon, 1100-148
11, Portugal