Furnas Boutique Hotel Thermal & Spa

Island Idyll

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Azores, Portugal

Furnas Boutique Hotel Thermal & Spa

Island Idyll

What it is

A design-forward thermal spa at the ends of the earth: the volcanic Azores archipelago a two hour flight off the coast of Portugal.

What it isn't

Unplugged. Sure, it’s literally in the middle of nowhere, but there’s still free WiFi.

What we think

When you tell people you’re vacationing on an island paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they’ll probably think you’re lying. But here’s the truth: it really is paradise, and you don’t need to pinch yourself. The spa is among the best on the planet, with piping hot, iron-rich thermal springs, a float bed, Vichy shower, Turkish bath and more. (Repeat guests swear by the Pure Land treatment, which wraps you in clay and rosemary sea salt before you’re rubbed down with pure shea butter.) You won’t lack for anything in your streamlined rooms, which were designed by Portuguese decorator Nina Andrade Silva and are fitted with all the comforts of the continents, including Molton Brown toiletries, a coffee machine, smart TV, and, blessedly, air-conditioning.

You're here because

You’re bored with all the usual suspects, and want to get your R&R in style. Preferably, a style you’ll be telling your grandkids about someday. What's cooler than a far flung, little-known retreat?

The Moment

One of your favorite things about this particular patch of earth is the activities list, which is much more interesting than what most cities offer back home. Lagoon swimming? Check. Hot springs? Check. Tuk Tuk rides? You betcha. But it’s swimming with dolphins in their native habitat (read: nirvana) that has you grinning from ear to ear. You’re not on vacation: you’re ten years old again, and the world is awe-inspiring.

Restaurants & Bars

Furnas - Traditional cuisine


The village of Furna on the Azores island of São Miguel, renowned for its pristine lagoons.

Avenida Dr. Manuel de Arriaga
Furnas, 9675-022
20, Portugal