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Hotel Ritz Madrid

The aristocrat of European hotels

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Centro, Madrid

Hotel Ritz Madrid

The aristocrat of European hotels

What it is

A palace that oozes with the elegance of timeless traditions.

What it isn't

Casual and laid-back (jacket and tie are required at all times).

What we think

Currently closed for renovation and expected to be completed by late 2019.

As the city’s first true luxury hotel, the Hotel Ritz has retained its long-standing position as Madrid’s most famed hotel. Since its opening over a century ago, the property has remained the top meeting place for all of the city’s high-ups and celebrity visitors. Its location right next to the Madrid Stock Exchange has also made it a hub for the city’s political and business leaders. This grande dame stays true to its history with a style that exudes classic, over-the-top luxury. The 167 rooms and suites are decorated in this same classic belle epoque style with century-old rugs, tufted velour furniture and glimmering gold accents. Though the rooms will certainly make you feel like a member of the Spanish royal family, those looking for a more modern feel may find the rooms a bit tired and outdated. Also, though the standard and deluxe rooms start at about 270 feet, the suites, beginning at 430 square feet, are some of the larger rooms in the city.

You're here because

You want to experience a piece of Madrid’s history and be treated like the royalty that frequent the hotel.

The Moment

Sipping on your first glass of the bubbly Krug Clos du Mesnil in the hotel’s dedicated champagne parlor.


The hotel’s convenient location is right next to the Madrid Stock Exchange and just a short walk from the renowned Prado Museum. The location is unrivaled.

Plaza de la Lealtad 5
Madrid, 28014

Restaraunts & Bars

Terrace & Gardens - Spanish, Tapas

Goya - Spanish, French, Basque

Valezquez Bar

Family activities

Parque des Atracciones - Amusement Park

Faro de Moncloa - 110-metre communications tower with glass elevator to observation deck

Warner Bros Movie Park - Rated one of the best European theme parks.