Al Maha Desert Resort And Spa

A Luxury Collection Hotel

A glammed up oasis in Dubai’s golden desert

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Maha Desert Resort And Spa

A Luxury Collection Hotel

What it is

An activity-filled luxury retreat in Dubai’s dunes.

What it isn't

Roughin’ it. Yes, you’re in the desert, but no, you are not going to need to learn how to make a fire.

What we think

In a coppery desert that stretches out in undulating waves for miles, this collection of tented cabins nestled among swaying palms trees evoke a roaming Bedouin camp. The interiors, however, are far from nomad digs. Opulent to the nth degree, the rooms have Oriental rugs, a pillow menu, fresh fruits, local sweets, a private concierge, Arabian artifacts and endless ornate detailing. Included in every stay is a menu of desert activities like falconry, camel and horse riding, archery, dune drives (pro tip: pick them all). Each tent has a personal pool to help cope with the afternoon heat at bay, but there’s also a large central pool for those who wish to mingle with the other jetsetters. Speaking of the international crowd, the staff here is fluent in what seems like every tongue, so get ready to feel like you’ve entered a glamourous U.N. meeting. Most guests are here as a two- or three-day escape from Dubai, but if that city’s saturated lights beckon, it’s only an hour’s drive away.

You're here because

You want to experience the older traditions of Emirati desert culture—but not forgo Dubai’s opulence.

The Moment

The brilliant dawn spills over the top of a distant dune, pulling at the shadows that define the waves in the sand. The sky stretches dusky colors above you as push your forearm into the breeze, feel your falcon’s talons release their grip and watch her massive wings take flight.

Restaurants & Bars

Al Diwaan - International, Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan

Dune Dining - A magical experience of fine dining under the Arabian sky at night

Deck Dining - Romantic Dining

The Terrace Bar - Just a level above Al Diwaan Restaurant, is the terrace bar with loungers and cocktail tables. Enjoy exciting cocktails and beverages at the bar while enjoying breathtaking views of the reserve.


The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, an hour from Dubai. Keep an eye out for the roaming herds of reintroduced Arabian oryx.

Dubai Desert Conservation Rese
United Arab Emirates

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