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Travaasa Hana

Maui Marvel

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Sun, Sep 20 - Thu, Sep 24
2 People, 1 Room
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Hana, Maui

Travaasa Hana

Maui Marvel

What it is

An experience-led retreat on Maui with a Hawaiian-inspired spa and an optional all-inclusive program.

What it isn't

Too cool for camp. Live Hawaiian music and hula are regular highlights of the palm-shrouded, open-air restaurant.

What we think

Activities are anything but standard-issue at this award winning resort. Here, guests are invited to try their hand at everything from throw net fishing to ukulele making to guided meditations on volcanic cliffs over the frothy surf. Of course, if you’d rather simply hole up in your bungalow or seafront suite, you wouldn’t be the first. That’s what happens when you’re greeted with complimentary banana bread upon check-in and a room fitted with private lanais that peep out on the Pacific Ocean. Bonus: the resort intentionally has no TVs, clocks, or radios; and air-conditioning is a matter of opening your door to the sea breeze.

You're here because

Honeymooners flock here, and you firmly believe romance is forever—and more apt to last with luxury vacay stays like this one.

The Moment

You’re not often in Hawaii, so figure you’ll treat yourself like Hawaiian royalty in the spa. It’s easy to do here: treatments include Lomi Lomi massages, local honey body wraps and organic coconut oil, sugar cane and citrus body scrubs. After, you’re so blissed out you can barely rouse yourself to sit in the jungle-swathed lava rock whirlpool—but you do. Because: HAWAII.


On Maui’s iconic Hana Highway, set across from Kaihalulu Bay and Hana Bay. The Hana Cultural Center is just a block away and a must-visit for locally-made souvenirs.

5031 Hana Hwy
Hana, 96713
HI, United States

Restaraunts & Bars

- The Preserve Kitchen & Bar - an open-air restaurant overlooking Hana Bay and the historic Kauiki Hill. Low-key atmosphere true to the region, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner and featuring live Hawaiian music and hula throughout the week.