Tierra Chiloé

Island Idyll

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Chiloé Island, Chile

Tierra Chiloé

Island Idyll

What it is

An otherworldly reprieve from reality, with 24 rooms clad in blonde wood that peep out on the wilds beyond.

What it isn't

A business hotel. You’re here to reconnect with your own humanity, plain and simple.

What we think

Chiloé island is justly described as magical. Where else can you find circling blue whales, breeding Humboldt penguins, and 17th century Jesuit churches dotting a surrealist, Ireland-green landscape? The activities list alone is worth the trip: cycling verdant hills of Quemchi, hiking the Pullao wetlands, where migrating shorebirds like the black-necked swan flock, and riding kindly horses before lunch on Quento Beach. It’s no surprise a hotel this invested in the surrounding landscape puts added emphasis on sustainability (the structures save 66% of their energy thanks to Low-E technology, and have thermopanel windows and renewable biomass energy heating). But it is a surprise that one can be that granola and still that stunning—every single room looks like it could have been torn from the pages of Architectural Digest.

You're here because

It’s the only luxury hotel in sight (read: there’s a spa, locavore menu, etc. etc.), but it’s also evocative of its locale. The architects took their cues from the region’s palafitos, or stilted houses.

The Moment

After a day ranging the surrounding hillocks on horseback, you’re more than ready for your reward, and you find it in the bar—where the signature cocktail, made from pisco and Patagonian flower honey, is perfection in a glass.

Restaurants & Bars

-Excursions - different types of excursions, half-day or full-day, at different levels of difficulty; multi-disciplinary outings which combine different activities in one excursion

- Gastronomy - giving you tasty insight into the culinary spirit of this island, which takes full advantage of the excellent local foodstuffs from land and sea

- Living Room and Bar - enjoy the way the clouds and the wind change the scenery outside, or immerse yourself in the history of the original settlers in the area in the library mezzanine.


A seafront swath of Chiloé Island, a 30 minute drive from Castro airport.

San Jose Playa
Castro, Chiloe Island, 10201

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