The Westin Europa & Regina

Classic elegance that’s not too fussy

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San Marco, Venice

The Westin Europa & Regina

Classic elegance that’s not too fussy

What it is

A safe option for those who want something classic, well-located and family-friendly.

What it isn't

Over-the-top opulence.

What we think

Spread across five historic palazzi on the Grand Canal, The Westin Europa & Regina is a noteworthy property in a central location. The 185 rooms and suites have simple, classic styling that is tasteful, but not over-the-top (so if you’re hoping for a hotel that’s head-to-toe grandeur, this isn’t the place for you). That being said, the rooms are stylish and relaxed, so you won’t ever feel like you need to tread carefully for fear of breaking a priceless antique. The rest of the hotel, on the other hand, is marble, gold and velvet everything, and perfectly exemplifies 18th-century Venetian style. For some, the larger size of the hotel can be a drawback, but with size comes additional services and facilities, including cooking classes and a New Balance lending program (so you won’t have to worry about stuffing your suitcase with exercise gear). Extra children’s amenities, like customizable activities and a kids' club, make this one of the best choices for those traveling with young children. Outside the hotel’s doors is the art and theatre district where the Piazza San Marco and plenty of boutiques and eateries await when you’re ready to explore.

You're here because

You want a luxurious hotel, but don’t want the stuffiness that sometimes follows. Also, you want a spot that’ll be welcoming to your kids.

The Moment

Arriving to the hotel via boat at the private water entrance and being greeted by soaring ceilings and marble everything.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant La Cusina - Opens daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner

La Chic - Hetteria bacaro area that seats 14 and is dedicated to sharing with you one of the Venice's much loved customs, andando a chichetti e ombre or, andando a bacari.


On the Grand Canal, the hotel enjoys prime views of the Maria della Salute and is just steps from the Piazza San Marco and plenty of museums.

San Marco 2159
Venice, 30124
34, Italy

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