COMO Cocoa Island

Overwater Wonder

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Cocoa Island, Maldives

COMO Cocoa Island

Overwater Wonder

What it is

A reprieve from the world with 33-overwater-suites, and a fervent focus on earthy wellness (expect to finish this vacation in better shape, emotionally and physically, then you began).

What it isn't

Sweltering. This is a rare Maldives resort that has ye olde colonial ceiling fans and functional air conditioning.

What we think

They say that if you do not know where you are going to, then all the roads will take you there. Consider a boat instead—specifically, the 40-minute speedboat that ferries you from Malé to literal paradise. Owned by Singaporean billionaire Christina Ong, COMO Cocoa Island proffers organic, sea mineral-stocked locavore fare at its restaurants; yoga retreats by visiting masters like Ole Eugenio; and snorkeling the on-site reef, where you might spot Kashmir snapper fish or even (totally chilled-out) reef sharks. Rooms are all private overwater villas and suites inspired by dhoni fishing boats, with personal terraces and Balinese day beds. In other words, you may never leave.

You're here because

There’s nothing worse than coming home from vacation more bedraggled than you were when you left, and COMO all but guarantees you’ll feel brand new after your time there. Hydrotherapy pool? Check. Private guided meditation? Check. Aaaah.

The Moment

You’ve had lobster before, of course. But nothing like this, at the hotel’s open-air Ufaa restaurant—a crustacean pulled from the lagoon below you, grilled and dipped in truffle aioli so toothsome it could put an Italian nonna in tears. That you’re eating it as the sun slides pink below the Indian Ocean is simply unforgettable.

Restaurants & Bars

Ufaa - modern interpretations of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on local produce, including seafood and COMO Shambhala healthful eating options.

Faru Bar - Open 10 a.m. - late. An easy-going, foot-in-the-sand resort bar where our inventive bartenders put together refreshing cocktails (and mocktails). Fine wines, classic cigars and light snacks also feature, alongside some easy beats at sunset.


A screen saver (well, that’s what it feels like). COMO is a breezy 40 minutes from Malé’s airport via the hotel’s high speed boat.

South Malé Atoll, 20109

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